we are an original, dark supernatural creature roleplay set in echo, WA in the year 2018. please be sure to register in lowercase with your first and last name. please browse our required reading and get a feel for our site before joining in on the fun!

feel free to hit up the cbox or drop us a line in the questions forum with anything you might need. we hope you enjoy your time here!

  • 03/15 we've been open for two months!
  • 02/21 skin change complete and board cleaned!
  • 02/16 make sure you check out our staff search and activity check!
  • 01/29 we've hit the two-week mark! be sure to check out our latest announcement for a few housekeeping reminders!
  • 01/17 welcome! thank you so much for joining us on heathens' first day of life!

a super chill, dark supernatural rp
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